1. fragment, bit, part, particle; chip, chink, smithereen, splinter, sliver; snip, snippet, wisp, tatter, corner; morsel, crumb, ort; modicum, iota, whit, mite, dam, tinker's dam, trifle; remnant, fraction, section, segment; snatch, shred, sample, specimen, dose, taste; drip, drab, Sl. sniggie.
2. scraps
leftovers, remainders, leavings, residue, balance; rejectamenta, discards, throwaways; traces, vestiges, semblances; clues, shards, archaeological bits, Inf. pieces of the puzzle.
3. discard, Inf. junk, throw away, reject, eject, toss out, thrust aside, lay aside, cast aside; dismiss from use, have done with, forsake, abandon, jettison, Sl. eighty-six, Sl. deep-six, Inf. sink; dispense with, get rid of, drop.
1.Informal. contention, contest, altercation, conflict; clash; row, Sl. blowup, Law. chancemedley, dustup, Sl. rhubarb, fracas, fray; brouhaha, brawl, rumpus, Inf. ruckus, tussle; donnybrook, Inf. set-to; disagreement, squabble, spat, tiff, Brit. Dial. fratch; Inf. run-in, Inf. hassle, Inf. barney, scrape.
2.Informal. fight, clash, brawl, be at each other's throats; broil, fight, scuffle, conflict, war; come to blows, grapple, scrimmage; have at it, Inf. lace into each other, Inf. sail into each other, quarrel, squabble, have an altercation; argue, disagree, dispute, spar, have words, Inf. pick a crow; fall out, Inf. engage in a shouting match, spat, tiff, quibble, wrangle; differ, contend, make something of it.

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